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Considering a Career Change?

Real estate is an extremely rewarding career. Along with control of your schedule and a great income, you have the ability to demonstrate your motivation and talent for personal service. If these things sound enjoyable to you, you may be interested in a career in real estate. To find out if real estate is right for you, use the tools below to help determine if it could be a good fit.

Not just a job. A rewarding career!

Our real estate simulator mimics a variety of real situations in order to determine your real estate abilities. It will also assist in the development of your skills in areas that need improvement. While utilizing our simulator you will take the role as a Real Estate REALTOR®, interact with virtual clients who are interested in buying and selling properties. It will also determine how you measure up with the best in the industry.

Find out in 8 minutes if real estate is a good fit for you.

Use our 20 minute simulator to feel what it's like to work in real estate.

Do you have what it takes to succeed in our 30 minute Sales Skills test?

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How do I get a real estate license?

Real estate is a profession that requires some preparation and planning. You should set aside around $3,500 for basic start up costs. This will cover costs for classes, exams, insurance, MLS property data access, business cards, signs, website and real estate association memberships. To receive your license you must complete a certain number of education credit hours required by the state and national levels, a preparation class, and pass a licensing exam.

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